S.R. 128 Small Structure Replacement over Swanfelt Ditch

Madison County, Indiana

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The purpose of this project was to replace the deteriorating small structure on S.R. 128 over Swanfelt Ditch, a single span 20’ steel beam bridge. The top flange and web of the beams were encased in the concrete floor slab. The structure was built on concrete abutments with wingwalls and showed signs of concrete spalling.

The new structure consists of a precast three-sided reinforced concrete culvert with a span of 28’, a rise of 9’ and a length of 115’. In addition to total structure replacement and pavement reconstruction, the project also included guardrail, the construction of a temporary dam and channel rip rap.

Our Contribution: project management; road design; bridge design; drainage design; pavement marking design; erosion control; and maintenance of traffic.