S.R. 61

Vincennes, Indiana

Various sites along S.R. 61 lying northeast of the city of Vincennes were identified by INDOT as deficient in vertical and horizontal alignments. As part of an on-call contract to design a safer roadway, our services included: intersection improvements, horizontal and vertical curve corrections, utility coordination, ditch and culvert design, and right-of-way engineering.

The first project, consisting of approximately one mile of roadway, required a realignment of S.R. 61 to correct for the deficiencies. In addition, the intersection of S.R. 61 and Stagecoach Road and the intersection of S.R. 61 and Nugent Road were relocated to improve the approach angle of both intersecting roads.

The second project, consisting of one-half mile of roadway, required correction of horizontal and vertical alignments. We relocated approximately one-quarter mile of the horizontal alignment to improve sight distance.

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