U.S. 136

Covington, Indiana


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Having been originally constructed with bricks in 1905, and resurfaced multiple times since, this 1.74 mile span of roadway running through Covington needed major repairs. Existing pavement, curbs and sidewalks were badly deteriorated. The existing storm drainage system was inadequate and in poor condition. Substandard intersections existed at most cross streets, contributing to a high number of accidents.

Reconstruction included removal and replacement of the existing pavement, sidewalks, curbs and storm sewer system. Horizontal and vertical alignments were modified slightly to meet current design standards. Early and effective coordination with the local community led to special consideration being given to the many mature trees that existed within the grass buffer strip, and to keeping the project on schedule.

Our Contribution:  Project Management, Topographic Survey, Road Design, Storm Sewer Design, Signal Design