U.S. 35/S.R. 28 & S.R. 3 Intersection Improvement

Delaware County, Indiana

Located in a rural area with heavy truck traffic, this signalized intersection joins four approaches involving: S.R. 28; S.R. 3; and U.S. 35. The existing intersection consisted of no auxiliary lanes and only provided through movements. The shoulders on all legs of the intersection were being used as right-turn/through lanes or as recovery lanes, which caused extreme deterioration. While capacity was not a problem, the high accident frequency required correction.

The intersection was widened to provide exclusive left-turn lanes and through/right-turn lanes at all of the approaches except for the west leg, which had a left-turn, a through, and a exclusive right-turn lane. Also, a passing blister north of the intersection was constructed to direct northbound traffic around a mobile home park entrance. A new traffic signal, shoulders and ditches completed the improvements.

Our Contribution: Project Management, Road Design, Drainage Design, Traffic Signal Design, Signing Design, Pavement Marking Design, Erosion Control and Maintenance of Traffic.

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