Energy-related utilities make up a critical and unique part of our country’s infrastructure. Certified Engineering not only has the required certifications, but the necessary wherewithal, to hit the ground running.

Many natural gas pipelines have been around for decades. Maintaining and upgrading these assets is important to our clients and their customers. We have worked with every size company, from small, local utilities to large, nationwide, publically traded conglomerates.

It’s also beneficial to bear this in mind: as federal safety standards become increasingly strict, so grows the importance of working with creative companies. Namely, those who are comfortable working at the forefront of technology and adept at thinking beyond the typical boundaries.

There’s no part of the process Certified Engineering isn’t able to scrutinize in order to find smarter, more cost-effective answers. For instance, on locating and creating plan sheets for anomaly repairs alone, we have the experience of saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our construction staking experience for energy infrastructure includes:

  • Gas Pipelines
  • Electric Transmission Lines