Structural Engineering

When it comes to projects that require structural engineering expertise, we have extensive experience in designing large culverts, culvert headwalls, and a wide variety of retaining walls.

Culverts designed by Certified Engineering include both three-sided structures on poured foundations, as well as four-sided concrete boxes. Many of these structures require special layout conjugations to fit within right-of-way constraints.

We also give special consideration in designing headwalls for culverts due to outfall storm sewers and safety handrails being placed along the tops. This requires detailed plans showing steel placement and headwall dimensioning to fit ground contours.

Certified Engineering has also designed several retaining walls on our transportation and site development projects. These walls range in height from a few feet up to 20 feet. Not only do we utilize the most up-to-date design software in analyzing our retaining wall designs, but we’re highly experienced in inputting the accurate soil coefficients and needed steel areas. This ensures our clients get the most cost-effective design for their money.

You can also call on Certified Engineering for:

  • Bridge Design


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